At Mitchell-Davies Chartered Accountants, we understand how important it is to provide accounting services that consistently help our clients to reach their goals. Today's world is complex and fast moving: we aim to provide  assurance and confirmation that our clients' business systems and checks are appropriate, adequate and function properly.

We assist you in managing risk and taking advantage of opportunities to diversify and grow your business through a variety of accounting services designed to help our clients stay on top.  Our relationships with clients are the most important aspect of our business - we look at the long term and continually work to reward the confidence in our services that our clients have.

We use and support the major accounting systems that are currently in use in New Zealand, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks.

Ongoing communication with a client is vital to us. 

We don't charge by the minute - we look at your needs and, if possible, we like to work on a payment per month basis.  Using this system means that when you ask for advice, the meter is not running and you have full access to us at all times.  Any questions are answered and your accounting problems are resolved. We'll go on-site to our clients so that we can get a good feel of who our clients are, how they operate, and what processes they use. If necessary, we can even ensure they are filing everything correctly. We can put good proven systems in place, ideas that work for our clients.